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author-picCharlie studied at Yale University (American Studies) and the University of Massachusetts (Master’s Degree in Wildlife Biology and Resource Management). He then went to sea as a commercial fisherman off New England, fishing for cod, haddock, lobster, red crab, squid, and swordfish. Active in the fight for the 200-mile Fisheries Conservation Zone, he later worked as a consultant for Fishery Management Councils, developing fishery management plans and conducting gear development projects to develop more selective fisheries. He spent 28 years working for seaports (New York, Seattle, and Bellingham) as a project and construction manager and later as an executive. In addition to overseeing habitat cleanup projects, he worked with Puget Sound Tribes establish a system whereby tribal fishing could coexist with commercial shipping in Seattle Harbor and Elliot Bay. Then, nearly ancient, he returned to sea, shipping out with the Sailor’s Union of the Pacific as an Ordinary Seaman, Able Bodied Seaman, and Bosun. Starting with commercial container vessels, on the New York to Singapore run, he finished his career aboard naval ships for Military Sealift Command. His last gig was as bosun aboard USNS Shughart, New Orleans to New York, in 2016. Always a writer, he published Fat Chance with Felony and Mayhem Press in 2005. He began working on ideas for Strong Heart long, long ago and began serious research in 2010. These days he hikes in the Olympics whenever he can, cooks for his wife, and continues to write tales in Ballard, Washington.

4 thoughts on “Your scribe”

  1. Charlie,
    Please get in touch. You and I are getting long in the tooth so to speak, and with the passing of my brothers, Tony and Erick, his wife, my mother, father, and Eigil in Norway, only I am left to carry on the Lunde name. My sister has decided I am persona non grata because I divorced my wife and married someone else (who you met!) What else is new. Anyway, I ordered your book and look forward to reading it. The one who will appreciate it also is my step daughter Angelina, 25, who just graduated with a degree in psychology. Elizabeth, from my first marriage, who does talk with me, lives near you in Portland (413-297-2461). She is an attorney in the OR attorney general’s office along with her husband, Andy, and they have a little girl. I am retired, play the guitar a lot, talk to my French Bulldogs a lot, and go to my country house in Bastrop TX every weekend where I read everything in sight and watch the deer wander by the back window. I have ben fighting this alien in the White House with daily missives to the on line Washington Post and New York Times to comment on the arrival of Trumpolini, long lost cousin of Il Duce himself! By the way, would you have a pdf of your father’s memoirs of fighting in WWII in Italy? I would love to read it if possible. I just finished a fabulous biography of Patton by Carlo D’Este “A Genius for War”. I know Billy was at Anzio and other horror places, and that Mark Clark, a sycophant if there ever was one, led that disaster. My father met Patton in Germany, and his descriptions of his pearl handed guns on the hips, girly squeeky voice, and dog still rings.

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