What story will we tell our grandchildren? Will it be this one?

Medicare for all, now. Cover everyone. This will reduce financial fears for millions immediately. This will bring optimism and hope, and will reduce desperation.

Three trillion dollar jobs program, now. Construction of roads, sewer systems, parks, schools, border fence (?), sustainable energy systems, whether equipment or retrofits for efficiency. Finance with quantitative easing but to the firms and workers not the banks. Millions of jobs. More hope. More money.

Jawbone and provide tax benefits to manufacture here, bring jobs back to U.S. More jobs. More hope.

Stop bombing everywhere else. Bring overseas bases and soldiers back and reopen or expand US bases here. Reduce military budget by giving construction jobs first to retiring soldiers. Less bombing means fewer future terrorists. Fewer refugees.

Stick to a rational, proper immigration system. Grandfather those already here. They live here, pay taxes here, have kids here, and by and large do the jobs nobody else wants to, jobs that need doing.

Apply social security tax to all income from whatever source and remove caps on top income – this will make system solvent forever

Apply graduated income rates to all income whether employment or passive. Keep rates where they are but for incomes over $400,000 charge 45%; $800,000 charge 65%; anything over $3 million charge 80%. Our financial problems will be over and the impact on 97 percent of us will be unseen.

Mostly, be practical, not ideological. Zealotry is the biggest deadly sin not on the list.


  1. Health care as a right, not a source of financial fear and drain
  2. Millions employed, earning that three trillion and spending it within the US to live
  3. More jobs for more millions as manufacturing and making things expands
  4. Less cost for war, bombings, and bases, leaving peace overseas and more funds at home
  5. A sustainable future, built by all of us, for all of us

Forget Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Progressives, Liberals. This is about people, all of us, finding a way to survive, prosper, and live in relative peace.

This is my granddaughter Lucy, two. Don’t we owe this to her and all the others like her? And all the generations to come?


3 thoughts on “What story will we tell our grandchildren? Will it be this one?”

  1. “by and large do the jobs nobody else wants to, jobs that need doing…”

    I agree with almost everything in your post, and I generally believe in more liberal immigration policies. However, I don’t think it ever does any good to pretend that complex issues are simple, and I think immigration is very complicated.

    When I hear that immigrants are doing jobs that nobody else wants , I can’t help but think it begs the question of whether they’re really do jobs that nobody else wants. And to the extent that the answer is yes, it prompts the question of why nobody else wants them. Did native Iowans become so prosperous that they stopped wanting to work in the meat packing business in the 80’s? I could ask a similar rhetorical question about what I’ve see in construction in my city* over the last 10-15 years.

    Don’t get me wrong, I know that this is a nation of immigrants, and I’m certainly not for mass deportations. But, we can’t pretend that the hiring of undocumented workers has not been used to bust unions, lower wages and ignore OSHA laws and avoid taxes; that undocumented workers are doing jobs that otherwise would not get done.

    *Katrina might have made New Orleans different, but it seems to be a nationwide issue:

    http://www.newsobserver.com/news/special-reports/the-ghost-workers/article16921211.html :

    “Burton said he finally figured out Martin’s operating methods in February 2011. His brother, who is also in the masonry business, ran into an old employee who was doing work for Martin’s Bricklaying at Kenan Stadium. The worker’s pay stub was basic and simple: a 54-hour workweek netted an $810 check, with no withholding, no overtime pay, no details.

    In part, Martin’s business methods are undetected because his workers don’t complain. Nearly all are workers from Mexico who are here illegally.”

    1. I totally agree the world is a complex place. I entirely agree immigration is complex as well. But, rather than encouraging a war and civil unrest by deporting millions, wouldn’t we be better off making sure future illegal entrants don’t arrive while providing work chances for those here along with everyone else? Yes, it’s way too simple to suggest we can find success with 300 words about a whole nation, but aren’t all solutions found if the ultimate concept is simple, and clear? It’s way too easy to prevent anything from happening by pointing out how complicated things are. Everything is complicated. Life is complicated. But these 300 words offer a start, don’t they? If you agree with everything I say, and others agree, then we have a basis for solution. I am trying to offer a way forward based on community and shared goals, not fights one against another. Lucy my granddaughter is depending on all of us and she doesn’t even know it yet. Thanks for taking the time for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate it a lot.

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