Lyre Creek Conservation Area

West of Port Angeles 25 miles, on the Strait of Juan de Fuca coast, lies a 280 acre preserve established by the North Olympic Land Trust which is just beautiful. A half mile walk through lovely cedar second growth forest brings you to the Lyre Creek outlet, a half mile beach, a meadow, and beauty. I was out there yesterday, spitting rain, wandering, and as I came down the last little switchback from the forest onto the coastal meadow I heard an eagle cry, twice, three times, and then saw before me this herd of elk, who even as I saw them and tried to photograph them were sliding into the forest. Then two enormous eagles dropped from some trees, close to me, maybe 30 feet, swooping low over the meadow then rising, crying again. There was still lots of snow in the forest, the creek was chattering and surging, waves curling and breaking, and out on the cobble beach a big heron, motionless. See the elk, there, behind the reforestation efforts? They were within a hundred yards of the shore. That view of the reflection and the peaks beyond is looking back toward the interior Olympic ranges. If you’re ever out that way, go west on Route 112 through Joyce and look for Randolph Road on the right, just before Lyre Creek. It’s a trip worth taking.



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