Flogging a book

100_4690Now starting the process of flogging a book. This is quite new to me, despite having published another book years ago with a national house, Pocketbooks (Fat Chance 1991). Back then I did nothing, zero, nada, because I had a demanding day job and hated the self promotion thing. Now, more than a quarter century later, approaching ancient-hood, doing it again, but this time trying to do all I can. The jury is absolutely out, for sure, but have started with readings and the social media thing. Have done a couple of bookstore readings, which were a lot of fun, actually. Have been to several retirement communities and have read there, which has absolutely been a treat. The audience is friendly, they always get books for themselves or their children and grandchildren, and most of all in the end their stories are far more interesting than the one I am reading myself. This has been an unexpected pleasure. Plus, I’m making a small start with teenagers, have read at a boys and girls club once and am looking at perhaps reading at juvenile detention facilities which sponsor book club readings and which are filled with ornery kids like my heroine Sarah.

I have, as recommended, emailed and contacted everyone I know, which has been an agony, but so far everyone has been polite and in some cases very positive. Plus, again an unexpected outcome, it’s been nice to get back in contact with people from the very distant past.

One book at a time. That’s the rule, I guess. I am, if nothing else, persistent, and I expect to keep plodding away, in the faint hope something goes viral. “Going viral” is an interesting phrase. In social media-speak, this means taking off, but literally it means spreading a disease. I don’t want to think that this story is a disease, a virus, a sickness, though maybe the force to create stories, is. It feels that way, sometimes. There are two other tales behind this one, already written, one completed (Adrift) and the other nearly so (The Unnamed Lake), and a fourth tale standing beyond, waiting. Of course one of the problems with this flogging thing is it takes time and energy from writing, and now, within short weeks, it will be the start of the hiking season, and dammit, after four years at sea I am going to do some hiking this summer, no matter what.

So, anyway, thanks to all of you who have taken the tale and are now reading it, and thanks to those others who are sending the tale to relatives and ornery youngsters.


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