Real Hikers

So I am in Butte Montana flogging my book and stop for lunch, overhear these two guys sitting near me tell the waitress they are in off the Continental Divide Trail for supplies and a beer. I have long thought about trying the Appalachian Trail (2100 miles) or the Pacific Crest Trail (2700 miles) and I had heard about the Continental Divide Trail (3100) miles. Here were two guys, as old as me or older, and that’s starting to get a bit up there, doing the longest trail of all! So I interrupted their lunch and learned some incredible stuff:

  1. They were doing the CDT in two sections, halfway each summer, and this was near the end of it;
  2. One of the guys was 73 and the other 68, both married;
  3. One of the guys lived in Bellingham and we knew people in common from my brief work up there;
  4. BOTH these guys had also done the full Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail, too!
  5. So here were two geezers who were finishing 8,000 mile of trail systems, walking 20-23 miles a day, rain or shine;
  6. I thought, I better get started, here, time is running out;
  7. Mostly, I thought, what an example these guys are;
  8.  They must be damn close to finishing this day as I write this; I saw them four days ago
  9. thru hikers

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