Something to think about….

This article raises some serious issues which very few people are speaking about, wish to speak about, or dare to speak about….Despite many valid arguments against the idea, drafting of citizens to fight in wars spreads the risk and pain throughout the population, including especially elected leaders, corporate titans, and media opinion-makers. It is impossible for me to imagine that we’d be engaged in a now-16 year war if we had a draft. The Afghanistan war won’t end soon, either. Members of the military stated just the other day before Congressional committees that we will “stabilize” Afghanistan in seven –  SEVEN – MORE years (a 23 year war?).  If the general population had to experience the consequences, instead of the extremely narrow percentage from those among us who now choose to serve and fight, for reasons of patriotism and also (sad to say)  because aggressive recruitment tells them that becoming a fighter is the best route to short term economic security , do you really think we’d still be over there?


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