January 11 2021 afternoon Pacific Time thoughts…

It feels as if a train is rushing headlong down a mountain, faster and faster; the brakes are smoking; the engineer in the cab is drunk and passed out; around the turn through the tunnel lies a trestle uninspected in 150 years, and the passengers in the cars are holding on tight to the wooden seats wondering what to do….As I write this it seems the Congress is soon to impeach Trump a second time, there is energy to expel anyone in Congress who voted to overturn the election after the riot ended, the FBI is reporting planned protests in the Capitol and all 50 states before the 20th, many of those who voted to overturn the election are now begging for healing and peace, right wing news outlets are seemingly more outraged about Trump’s loss of Twitter and Parler than the escalating cycle of violence and the death of five people Wednesday, and even today many members who voted to overturn the election a week ago continue to claim fraud, even knowing that not to be the case.

There are surely many things that can be done to lower the temperature, to protect our Capitol in the coming days and at statehouses around the country, to call to account as many rioters as can be found, to conduct a fair investigation as to how it was the Capitol was so lightly defended Wednesday despite all the clear warnings available on public media outlets.

But what one thing can be done, TODAY, that would go furthest to lancing this balloon of fear and insurrection that has suddenly emerged among us? This whole sorry series of events has resulted from many things, but surely the largest among them is the allegation, stoked by Trump and then all his minions for months, and especially since November 3, that this election was stolen, that Biden is not the proper new president. Millions of people now believe this, firmly. I don’t expect to see Mr. Trump on the television owning any of this, unfortunately. Nor do I expect any of his immediate minions in his family or cabinet to step forward. He is leaving, as are his minions and cabinet.

However, there is a group with a vested interest in holding on to their jobs, and those are all those members of Congress who, even after a riot that nearly killed some of them and toppled the government, nevertheless persisted in promoting the Lie that the election was stolen, something surely each and every one of these members know to be false. It may be that this coup – for that is what this was, or maybe is, a coup – is ongoing and long planned, and some of these members know this, are even part of it, but, even so, the FIRST THING that can be done to lower the temperature, remove us from the toxic legacy of the Lie, and perhaps give these members a chance to save themselves from being thrown out of Congress for sedition, would be this:

Every one of those members should call a press conference and issue a statement stating the following: 1) The election just completed was found without fraud; 2) they believe the election was fair; 3) the allegations of fraud promoted by Trump and themselves were a lie and they confirm they were and are lies; 4) Joe Biden is the rightful president elect of the United States; 5) violence and riots have no place in our system; 6) Trump should leave office at once, and 7) we must all work together from now on to help Joe Biden be successful because if he is successful then we will be successful.

I am not saying, if these members confirm that the Lie was told, they supported it, and they were wrong, that this will change anyone’s minds, but had they done this even before November 3 we would not be in this place today. This statement would begin the accountability in a direct, rapid, and clear manner, right now. I think it will help. And we need all the help we can get. If these members all did this, right now, today, I for one would be happy to leave them in office, though personally I think they deserve no office, because we have enough battles to fight right now without adding more fuel to the fire. A statement such as the one above would go a long way, I think, toward pulling the air from this toxic balloon.

Just a thought….

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