Senator attendance at the impeachment trial?

The rule for impeachment states that two thirds of the “members present” are required to vote to convict. We have 100 senators and all the pundits keep talking about the 17 more votes needed to make a two thirds majority of 100 (assuming 50 Democratic votes and 5 Republican votes to convict) – 67 votes. But what if some senators skip the vote? It seems they cannot appear and then vote “present” because then their presence adds to the total present, but if enough senators failed to show up such that 55 votes in favor of conviction reached two thirds of those present, then Trump would be convicted. I can see a situation whereby some senators decry the whole thing, calling it unconstitutional, and boycott the event, which plays to their base yet also avoids their vote tied to future convicted associates from the planning of the January 6th riot.

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