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The return of the Dark Ages…..the end of science…

It is happening. I have feared for several years we face a time not long in the future when people will whisper back and forth that there used to be a time when society relied on the scientific method to reveal truth, rather than belief-driven and tribal-driven “facts”. As in, “Don’t repeat this but there was actually a time in human history, about 300 years,  called the Enlightenment, when people used a method of investigation – hypothesis, test, evaluate, and finding – to determine reality. Yes, really. I know, today this is blasphemy, but it is true. ”

“Fake news.” “Alternative facts.” “We will make our own reality.”

It is happening, right now, as the article attached here shows. We seem to be returning to a time of magical thinking, wishful thinking, and belief-driven “reality.,” Are punishments for blasphemy and witchcraft far behind?

Road Trip Hiccup

Almost had a huge hiccup on my bookstore visit road trip. Close call, perhaps you could say. My last day I had planned on heading back to Seattle from Leavenworth, but then at the last minute decided to go out to Chelan first, stop at a store there, then return to Seattle. Fifty four miles, Route 97 north, east side of the Columbia. It’s beautiful along that river.


Anyway I am driving north and see ahead over some cliffs and rocks a plume of smoke or dust. I think, mining, maybe they are blasting, it looked like the cloud from rock blasting. But then as I got closer I saw it was smoke, not dust, and then I got closer still and saw this:


A big semi was on fire. It had just happened. I was, like, the fourth car in line, and we crept by, somehow, even before real fire equipment had showed up, flaggers, any of that. So I crept by, instead of being stopped, as surely traffic then was, for hours. Took a shot as I passed:


Later at a gas station met a guy who had also been by the fire, he was  trucker, told me the brakes had done something and caught fire. I went to Chelan, had a terrific visit with the owner of the bookstore there, Riverwalk Books, then drove back 97 Alt along the west side of the river. I could still see smoke rising where the truck had been, now almost two hours later.