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Have at it. Download the Kindle version and read it, then order three dozen to be sent to your friends, relatives, news anchors, podcasters, and anyone else as a holiday gift. Everyone needs a distraction after this election season, right? Why, not, go to sea?

Adrift free on Kindle Nov 6th….

My sea story Adrift will be free at OnLineBookClub Book of the Day November 6th for the Kindle version. Have at it….Meanwhile, and about as far from the sea as you can get, here’s a chilling video of these guys on a crazy effort to climb Annapurna III, still unclimbed I believe. I mean, check out these guys. This is worth watching, believe me.

Evidence of ancient people in British Columbia…

In my tales Strong Heart and Adrift I offer that the ancient legends of First Peoples might be true – that they have always been here, always, since humans first became “modern” ages ago, despite the ice.  Check out this article in Digital Journal:


I saw a story in the press today about a shipload of soybeans, which loaded in Seattle June 5th or so, probably at the grain terminal up by Pier 91, which is now circling in the Yellow Sea, doing doughnuts as they say. During its voyage across the Pacific, China and the US started placing retaliatory tariffs on trade items, among them soybeans, so the ship chose not to unload and pay the higher rates. Instead it is circling offshore while the owners decide what to do. There is even a picture in the attached article of the track the ship has been taking, around and around. Not a word, though, about the people aboard that ship, the sailors, the deck officers, the engineers, the cook. I have been on a ship doing doughnuts, circling, only we did it for four days, not over 30, and we had an end in sight. Thee poor souls do not. They are in motion, at work, food and stores running low, milk going bad, supplies disappearing, fuel perhaps running low, unable to guess what will happen – will they choose to unload? Will they head somewhere else? I imagine tempers are growing short. Perhaps they are out of toilet paper, or laundry soap, or fresh water. Now tempers are really short.

But still they circle, around and around.


Early Adrift Reviews

“From the first page, Adrift swept me away to an adventure. Anchored in the hands of a great storyteller, the characters come alive on the pages making me care about them, the sea, the future and the past. I read every word. Get on board this truly fine novel!” Jane Kirkpatrick, best-selling author of All She Left Behind.

“As a mariner who has spent a bit of time in the Bering Sea, North Pacific Ocean and Northwest Coast of North America I can tell you that Charlie Sheldon captures the essence of the hazards faced by mariners in those waters. His time sailing on large ships provides accuracy that any mariner can envision while reading his works. What I find most engaging is the character development and interaction. Charlie captured not only shipboard human interaction and relationships, but those we witness in everyday life. Adrift is a stand alone sequel to Strong Heart and a very good read. I recommend reading Strong Heart to fully appreciate the back story.”  Captain Steven A. Palmer, Master M/V APL Saipan

 “Adrift weaves a compelling tale of one ships’ crew having to face an ordeal that all mariners never want to experience. A shipboard fire and subsequent abandoning of their ship turns into an arduous voyage to salvation inside two small, cramped lifeboats in a stormy and unforgiving cold North Pacific. Interspersed with the people ashore who respond to this disaster, this is one compelling novel. Having spent over 40 years working on ships I can honestly say this is very well written mariners tale. It is a definite page-turner.” Captain Hans W. Amador, Master Mariner”

As a Merchant Seaman for 44 years, many of them in the brutal, cold Northwest waters and islands, and also a former shipmate of Charlie Sheldon, I can totally relate to this seeming true to life adventure. I’m just glad it didn’t happen to me. A stand alone sequel to Strong Heart, the story flows excitingly from character to character. It is a great, fast paced sea story from the first page to the very last.” Richard Sanderson, SIU Chief Steward, over 10,000 days at sea.



Worth watching

Grab a cup of coffee an watch this interview with a candidate for Congress in New York City. I worked in NYC 1984-1990 and while there spent a lot of time in Brooklyn and the Bronx. I thought when I left in 1990 I was done with reading about Trump and Guliani, which clearly was not the case, and while there I had some exposure to city political machines and I also spent a lot of time at the Fulton Fish Market (another long story). I came to love working in New York, the people, the energy, the scandals, the…life! And, for all the articles we read and hear about how today’s youth are spoiled and entitled, this interview demonstrates there are those now coming into their power who should give us all reason to hope.  It will be interesting to see how she does on the June 26th election, coming up. I know this, if I were registered in New York, of whatever party, she’d get my vote….