The return of the Dark Ages…..the end of science…

It is happening. I have feared for several years we face a time not long in the future when people will whisper back and forth that there used to be a time when society relied on the scientific method to reveal truth, rather than belief-driven and tribal-driven “facts”. As in, “Don’t repeat this but there was actually a time in human history, about 300 years,  called the Enlightenment, when people used a method of investigation – hypothesis, test, evaluate, and finding – to determine reality. Yes, really. I know, today this is blasphemy, but it is true. ”

“Fake news.” “Alternative facts.” “We will make our own reality.”

It is happening, right now, as the article attached here shows. We seem to be returning to a time of magical thinking, wishful thinking, and belief-driven “reality.,” Are punishments for blasphemy and witchcraft far behind?

Trump and Clinton spent $81M on US election Facebook ads, Russian agency $46K

This is the headline from Tech Crunch magazine, or blog, and supposedly uses as a source what a Facebook official told Congress the other day.  Is this headline accurate? So, if accurate, what percent of Russian Facebook ads was the Russian investment?  46,000 divided by 81,000,000 = .000567, or, and here I am challenging junior high math from 58 years ago, just over one-twentieth of one percent. Really? Must have been some impressive targeting for 1/20 of one percent of the total Facebook Ads taken during the election to produce the outcome.

Just sayin’…..

Trump and Clinton spent $81M on US election Facebook ads, Russian agency $46K

Something to think about….

This article raises some serious issues which very few people are speaking about, wish to speak about, or dare to speak about….Despite many valid arguments against the idea, drafting of citizens to fight in wars spreads the risk and pain throughout the population, including especially elected leaders, corporate titans, and media opinion-makers. It is impossible for me to imagine that we’d be engaged in a now-16 year war if we had a draft. The Afghanistan war won’t end soon, either. Members of the military stated just the other day before Congressional committees that we will “stabilize” Afghanistan in seven –  SEVEN – MORE years (a 23 year war?).  If the general population had to experience the consequences, instead of the extremely narrow percentage from those among us who now choose to serve and fight, for reasons of patriotism and also (sad to say)  because aggressive recruitment tells them that becoming a fighter is the best route to short term economic security , do you really think we’d still be over there?