Voting – a thought experiment

One, because of the pandemic people were encouraged to vote early and by mail. Democrats largely believed the pandemic was real and chose to vote by mail. President Trump told his followers mail-in voting was wrong, and not to vote by mail but in person.  This happened. Three swing states, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, did not start counting mail-in ballots until the day before or election day, unlike other states recording mail-in ballots on arrival (mostly). Because of the pandemic ten times more people voted by mail than ever before. This is why the mail-in count was so overwhelmingly in favor of Biden and why the lead changed as the votes were counted.  

Two, a deep conspiracy involving 10 cities, Hugo Chavez, a voting machine manufacturer, China, Cuba, the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, and perhaps even the FBI, was effectively organized to fabricate millions of false mail-in votes, despite 50 state secretaries of state overseeing state election boards, the Homeland Security Agency and the Cyber Crime Division, the FBI, and (at latest count) 33 of 35 judges being unable to find any fraud (and the other two rulings did not concern fraud).   This conspiracy, entirely undetected and invisible, illegally changed the mail-in ballot totals to throw the election to Biden.

What do you think?

Coming Spring/Summer 2020

A land of history, magic and legend….….

Sarah Cooley, 14, and her friends want to return to Bear Valley in Olympic National Park before Buckhorn begins mining erbium, a substance rumored to detoxify coal.  Carl Larsen, saddled with his difficult niece Laurie, is investigating mysterious elk kills on nearby National Forest lands.  Victoria Oldsea, Buckhorn’s project manager, hopes to take her son Jared camping as a break from work before the mining begins. A terrible windstorm upends everything. Strange , inexplicable animals appear. Ancient visions of an ancient people, perhaps dreams, possibly memory, are reported. Are the Olympics more mysterious than anyone knows? Does the answer lie in Bear Valley?  

Totem is the third and concluding tale in the Strong Heart series, following Sarah Cooley and her friends as they face conflict, danger, mythical legend, and ancient truth to an astounding conclusion.